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SEPAC Corporate Office
1580 Lake Street
Elmira, NY 14901
(607) 732-2030
(607) 732 0273 fax
TOLL FREE: 1-800-331-3207

This SEPAC low-cost manual release power-off brake is designed to operate dry and easily mounts to a motor or frame. The brake includes a manual release lever which provides an override in the absence of power as well and a dust cover to help keep the friction surface free of debris. A torque adjustment collar also allows the torque to be manually adjusted based on the application.

OPERATION: When electrical current is supplied to the coil, the armature is attracted to the magnet body releasing the disc to turn freely. When current is removed (shut off), springs push the armature to clamp the friction disc providing the stopping torque.
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Item #

Static Torque

Outside Diameter

Hole Circle Diameter


Power Rating

MSEB-326-24-M11 N/A 3.69 lb·ft4.00 N·m N/A 3.27 in83.00 mm N/A 2.83 in72.00 mm N/A 1.73 in44.00 mm N/A 20 W
MSEB-402-24-M15 N/A 5.90 lb·ft8.00 N·m N/A 4.02 in102.00 mm N/A 3.54 in90.00 mm N/A 2.24 in57.00 mm N/A 25 W
MSEB-500-24-M20 N/A 11.80 lb·ft16.00 N·m N/A 5.00 in127.00 mm N/A 4.41 in112.00 mm N/A 2.42 in61.50 mm N/A 30 W
MSEB-579-24-M25 N/A 23.60 lb·ft32.00 N·m N/A 5.79 in147.00 mm N/A 5.20 in132.00 mm N/A 2.82 in71.60 mm N/A 40 W
MSEB-638-24-M30 N/A 44.25 lb·ft60.00 N·m N/A 6.38 in162.00 mm N/A 5.71 in145.00 mm N/A 3.19 in81.00 mm N/A 50 W
MSEB-740-24-M30 N/A 59.00 lb·ft80.00 N·m N/A 7.40 in188.00 mm N/A 6.69 in170.00 mm N/A 3.60 in91.50 mm N/A 65 W
MSEB-846-24-M35 N/A 125.38 lb·ft170.00 N·m N/A 8.46 in215.00 mm N/A 7.72 in196.00 mm N/A 4.02 in102.00 mm N/A 85 W
MSEB-1000-24-M35 N/A 221.25 lb·ft300.00 N·m N/A 10.00 in254.00 mm N/A 9.06 in230.00 mm N/A 4.27 in108.50 mm N/A 110 W
MSEB-1189-24-M40 N/A 354.00 lb·ft480.00 N·m N/A 11.89 in302.00 mm N/A 10.94 in278.00 mm N/A 4.69 in119.00 mm N/A 110 W
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